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Do you have Deep Knowledge?

Are you an expert on your subject?
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Deep Knowledge becomes a book

You’ve got an Amazing Idea, and that’s wonderful! Now comes the next question: Do you have deep knowledge of the subject?

Book Types

Since people you know always tell you, “You should write a book,” this should be a no-brainer. Your knowledge of the subject helps you focus on exactly what type of book you write. For now, let’s consider three types of history books.

Photo/Image Collections

These are the books that make up most of the Arcadia Publishing stable. From Images of America to Images of Baseball to Images of Rail, Arcadia’s books follow a tight structure and formatting process. That rigidity makes many aspiring authors comfortable. But what happens if your Amazing Idea doesn’t fit the format?

Long-form Publication

Your deep knowledge produces a lot of thoughts. It also produces a lot of words. Maybe more words than images. Perhaps the 128-page limit of an “Images” book isn’t right for the story you want to tell. That’s fine! With your knowledge of the subject matter, there may be more than one book to write. Perhaps you have enough images to tell a story through pictures. That appeals to many who might not want to read 250+ pages on the subject. Maybe you can start with an image collection, then dive deeper in a second book.

Hybrid Books

A typical photo collection book may have 2000-3000 words of text and captions. The story you want to tell may need a lot more words! For example, Edward’s book, Maison Blanche Department Stores is in Arcadia’s Images of America series. It’s 128 pages long. His other department store book, Krauss – The New Orleans Value Store, is 140 pages long, with 33,000 words of text and 100 images. Your story may need more than just a lot of pictures.

Assessing your knowledge

Your knowledge may lead to a book that conjures memories for the reader. Photographs, maps, and other images draw in readers. Deep analysis, side stories, family drama, and other story arcs require more words. Your knowledge of the subject helps you decide which direction to take.

How we can help

As we consult with you, we get a feel for your knowledge base. We get to know you. This helps steer you in the direction that makes you a successful author.


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